Gender: Female
Character: Friendly, Friendly with humans, Sweet
Color: White and grey
Size: Large
Year of birth: 2021

on the night of September 5 2022, We received photos and videos of Aria in Ain el Remmeneh area and it seemed that she had a leg injury. We rushed to go help her but we couldn’t find her. Apparently, a mechanic in the area; took her to spend the night in his garage to keep her safe off the streets. We contacted him & scheduled to meet him the next day so we could take Aria.¬† In the morning, we carried Aria to the car as she was limping. When we reached the clinic, she had a full check-up and an X-ray performed. The results showed no broken bones and she just needed to rest¬† & take the medication needed in a safe environment. Aria is a sweet girl and she deserves to be in a loving home.


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