Gender: Male
Breed: Labrador
Character: Friendly, Friendly with humans, Loves to cuddle, playful, Sweet
Color: White
Size: Large

Update: Adopted

After hearing news and seeing footage showing what seemed to be a man and woman on their balcony mistreating their dog, one of our team members and a volunteer went to Kaslik in search of the household in question. Upon finding the apartment, they waited for a few hours until the owners returned home. When the owners returned, the team members had a respectful conversation with them, noting that the dog was not chained, and that there were several toys and quality dog food available. The owners expressed regret at their own handling of the dog, Cooper. After assessing the situation, the owners decided that it would be better off for Cooper if he were handed over into our custody. They signed a paper stating that they consent to having our Association foster Cooper and find a more suitable home. They went so far as to donate the dog food they had left.

Animal abuse is a moral and ethical wrong and should not be tolerated. However, in doing animal rescue work, our aim is not to pass judgment on individuals who, for whatever reason, can no longer provide adequate care to their dogs. We are glad that our interactions with Cooper’s owners were positive and understanding.

Cooper flew to Canada on the night of August 28 and he is currently in a foster home looking to get adopted!

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