Gender: Male
Breed: Huskey
Character: Friendly, Friendly with humans, Loves to cuddle, playful, Sweet
Color: Black and white
Size: Medium
Year of birth: 2022

On September 1st 2022, we were sent a video showing a dog being abused on a balcony, so we headed directly to the building in question.

We spoke to the dog’s owner and suggested to him to hand over the dog if they are not getting along. He was reluctant at the start. But after showing him the case of Cooper who was rescued recently and sent to Canada, he came around. We managed to convince him that it would be best if Diablo came into our custody. He signed a paper confirming that no force or coercion went into the handover. He said his goodbyes, and we exchanged numbers to keep him updated about Diablo.

We took Diablo to the vet and discovered that he has a right pelvis fracture , diarrhea, and a skin allergy. He will require medical care and he will most definitely be looking for a forever home when he is recovered!

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