Gender: Female
Breed: Mix Loulou
Character: Friendly, Friendly with humans, Loves to cuddle, playful, Sweet
Color: Black and Beige
Size: Medium, Small
Year of birth: 2022

Ghina Nahfawi, animal protection activist, had posted a photo of a puppy that was hit by a car and was left with her injuries on the side of the road in Roumieh. Ghina asked if any of her animal-loving followers in that area would go and save this puppy.

Ziad volunteered to go and find her. The puppy had been there weeping for more than two days under the sun. Ziad contacted us as he didn’t know where to take the puppy. We asked him to take her to Accacia clinic.

Fasfousa needed surgery. It cost 903$. Ziad donated 120$ and we already had an extra 50euros left on our tab with Accacia from a previous case.

We still need 733$ to cover her surgery, post- surgery treatment, and boarding during recovery. We need your help, friends and followers of the association. As an association, we are not funded by anyone but small donors like you.

We are here to help rescue dogs, but we cannot do it all by ourselves. We need your help to continue these rescue missions. Any donation, in big or small sums, makes a tremendous difference to our cases so feel free to check out our donation section!

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