Gender: Male
Character: Friendly, Friendly with humans, shy, Sweet
Color: Black
Size: Large
Year of birth: 2020

When we saw this chained dog on November 12th, 2022; suspended between life and death, we knew we couldn’t afford to waste any time.

We spoke to the owners, and they agreed to let us take him to the vet so he could be saved. One of the first things we noticed is that the dog didn’t have the ability to stand on his feet because of his malnourishment and resulting weakness.

The clinic ran some tests. Blood tests are average, ultrasound scan showed nothing alarming, and his kidneys and liver are healthy. However, it was evident that he is suffering from mange skin disease and needs to be treated.

The dog was fed at the clinic and he was given vitamins to boost his energy. This boy has a good appetite; he just needed to be fed in sufficient quantities and quality, as he is extremely malnourished.

We cannot afford his medical bills, but we couldn’t turn him down. If you would like us to keep helping dogs, we ask you to support by covering some of his medical fees and boarding fees.
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