Gender: Female
Character: Friendly, Friendly with humans, Loves to cuddle, playful, Sweet
Color: White
Size: Small
Year of birth: 2021

We found Millie with two other bichons, abandoned in the wilderness around Jbeil; they were malnourished and infested with fleas and ticks. We believe that they’ve been roaming on their own for at least six months, based on the dreadlocked state of their coats.

We may safely assume that they’re a family, dumped by the same owner. As we all know, most domesticated breeds have a tremendously difficult time surviving on their own in the wild. We call on all owners of dogs who, for any reason, can no longer provide care: please, do not dump your dogs on the streets. Ask around, find a shelter, or even send us a message.

These little ones are now under our care in a safe facility, being treated, showered, and groomed. As of today, Millie is up for adoption and looking for a loving home!

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