Gender: Male
Breed: German Shepherd Mix
Character: Friendly, Friendly with humans, playful
Color: Beige
Size: Large
Year of birth: 2020

Annie, the head of our association, was driving by in Broummana and a dog tied to a gate with a very short chain caught her eye.

The dog had no access to food, water, or shelter.
As Annie was feeding him and giving him water, two individuals stopped to tell her that the dog had been crying and barking all night under the storm- they asked her to help him if she could. Annie eventually found the owners and they spoke about Rolla’s living standards. The owner agreed to let him go, but sadly we do not have a shelter of our own and we are not receiving any donations to put him at a boarding shelter.
We cannot continue saving dogs in need if we do not have your support.

It is easy to shift responsibility elsewhere, but we urge you to extend your support. Take a minute and know that your action makes a difference!

Help us by sharing Rolla’s story, finding a foster home, or sponsoring the boarding fees at boarding facilities.

Your action saves lives! Take part now.

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